The Nigerian Bar Association- Human Rights Institute is hosting its first National Human Rights Conference with the Theme: Human Rights in Business and WorkPlace: Role of Lawyers.

Mark your calendars for July and get ready for an inspiring and impactful gathering!

Date: 10th and 11th July 2024
Venue: NBA National Secretariat Auditorium, Abuja

The Conference aims to bring together members of the NBA-HRI, expand the work of the institute and strengthen Nigerian Bar Association’s engagement with Human Rights Institutions.

The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to discuss pressing issues, exchange ideas and develop strategies to promote human rights and contribute to national development.

Your presence and participation are crucial.



Centralized information desk situated at the Secretariat which will collate complaints bordering on human rights violations.


Sensitizing campaigns to create awareness on its programmes and also influence legal reforms and governmental policies.


Centralized information desk situated at the Secretariat which will collate complaints bordering on human rights violations.


Centralized information desk situated at the Secretariat which will collate complaints bordering on human rights violations.


The Nigerian Bar Association has always been at the forefront in the promotion and protection of Human Rights, the Rule of Law and good governance in Nigeria. The Nigerian Bar Association Human Rights Institute (NBA–HRI) was established to effectively and efficiently promote and protect the rule of law, the independence of the legal profession, and to advance human rights enforcement in Nigeria. It will promote respect for human dignity, and translate human rights into specific guidelines for putting those principles into practice. The Institute provides technical development programmes and is also a resource development framework for advocacy in the Nigerian Bar Association. The Institute has a human rights desk in all the 120branches of the Nigerian Bar Association across the country. The Human Rights Institute at the branch level is chaired by the Vice-chairman of the NBA of each branch.

The Institute is governed by 15 members of the Governing Council saddled with the responsibility of supervising and controlling its affairs. The 1st Vice President of the NBA is the Chairman of the Council. The Institute also has four full-time staff that run the activities of the Institute daily.


A society where human rights are promoted and protected and the independence of the legal profession is guaranteed. A society with unhindered access to justice and the human rights and dignity of vulnerable people are protected.


The NBA – HRI explains, monitors and protects human rights, promotes compliance with human rights (including equal treatment) in practice, policy, and legislation, and increases the awareness of human rights in Nigeria.

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The mandate of the NBA-HRI lies at the heart of the NBA’s objective of promoting the rule of law, safeguarding human rights, ensuring access to justice, enhancing capacity building and skills development on human rights issues, advocating for social, economic and political rights, amongst others.

Constituency Building

The NBA–HRI has a massive membership base of lawyers and even HRI desk officers in the 120 branches.

Research and Advocacy

The NBA–HRI is a massive initiative but there is little or no publicity about the Institute’s activities.

Training and Development

The Institute provides technical development programmes and resource development frameworks for the Bar.

Conferencing and Awards

Planning and organizing the Annual Human Rights Conference, Annual Human Rights Award.

Legal Assistance

Centralized information desk which will collate complaints bordering on human rights violations.


To develop human rights policies and programmes for the Nigerian Bar Association.
To implement and advocate for the implementation of the National Action Plan on Human Rights.
To adopt and implement standards, practices, and instruments regarding human rights accepted and enacted by the comity of nations.
To gather and disseminate information concerning issues relating to human rights, judicial independence, and the rule of law.
To engage in promoting accountability from public officials.
To collaborate with other organs of the NBA in developing and improving the image and status of the NBA and members of the legal profession.
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