NBA-HRI Membership

The NBAHRI accepts members from human rights practitioners across the country. As a member of the NBAHRI, you will be joining us to fight human rights abuses, impunity and injustice. The NBAHRI is uniquely placed to build the capacity of the legal profession to promote and protect human rights. However, NBAHRI operates through its supportive members and also generates fund from membership fees to executive its programmes. You can be part of us and support us by becoming a NBAHRI member. If you are a human rights practitioner in Nigeria, you can join the NBAHRI to accentuate your interest in human rights protection by joining as an associate, a full member or a fellow. Each membership level has a different dues rate which is renewable yearly. Student membership is free for undergraduate or law school students. Associate membership will attract an annual fee of N25,000 while Full Members are to pay N40,000 annually. The highest level of membership is to be a Fellow of the NBAHRI and this attracts a membership fee of N150,000 yearly.

What are the benefits of memberships?

Being a member opens you up to several opportunities as you will be joining a wide network of experts and highly reputable professionals while learning the latest trends and executing projects on human rights.

As a member, we will keep you informed of our activities and initiatives, publications, events, and opportunities for you to get involved with our various projects.

Some of the other advantages of joining us include:
i. Free training for students
ii. Discount for webinar
iii. Free participation in Human rights annual conference etc.

If you are interested in becoming a member, download the Membership Form below, fill and send to [email protected] or fill the online form version below.

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